Staff Profile

Gerald McKisseth
Music Teacher
Bachelors of Music in Music Education, University of Montevallo
Arts Department - Central High School

I would like to welcome everyone to my page as this will be a great start to the new school year at Central High School. My name is Mr. Gerald McKisseth and I am Central High School's music teacher and band director. My goal for this year is to make sure every student has their opportunity to create their own mindset and learn how to read, write, and understand music in a deeper level. My classes I teach is Music Theory I and II, Marching Band and Concert Band. I graduated from Houston County High School in Columbia Alabama in 2011 (which their mascot was a lion too!) and graduated from the University of Montevallo with a Bachelors of Music in Music Educated with Cum Laude in 2017. I have a huge passion of music that  I think everyone should be able to see and understand and I cannot wait to make sure every student will learn it too!

Class Schedule:

1st Block (7:45 AM-8:45 AM): Instrumental Methods 1 

2nd Block (8:50 AM-9:50 AM): Planning

3rd Block: (9:55 AM-10:55 AM): Instrumental Methods 2

4th Block:  (11:00 AM-12:00 PM): Instrumental Methods 3 (Marching Band)

Advisory(12:05 PM-12:35 PM): Advisory


Zoom Links

1st Block:

3rd Block:

4th Block: 



Remind Codes:

1st Block: @h6ecacb

3rd Block: @f8gb64

4th Block: @cbc8fa

Advisory: @advisoryin



Instrumental Methods I, II and III:


Classroom Rules (for virtual learning):
Students should adhere to all rules put in place by The Lowndes County Board of Education and Central High School.
1. Students must log into the classroom (either by Zoom or Google Meet)before the period begins. It is recommended to be in the conference and
be in the waiting room.
2. Students CANNOT wear pajamas or sleepwear during the class session.
3. Students CANNOT be on their cellular device (unless authorized as a teacher) during the class section
4. Students CANNOT be in their bed during the class. It Is recommended to sit in a chair and a table to participate.
5. Students’ microphone will be turned OFF as soon as they are in the class. Students CAN ONLY voice if they have a question or in a discussion. Any other times will not be tolerated.
6. Students’ webcams will ALWAYS be turned on at all times during the class.
7. Bathroom breaks are discouraged during class and if this is being abused, there will be consequences.


1st Offense- Student will be muted. One on One Conference and Parental Contact
2nd Offense- Student will be muted. Teacher/Student/Parent Conference (In-Person or Zoom Call)
3rd Offense- Student will be muted. Teacher/Student/Parent/Principal Conference (In-Person or Zoom Call)
4th Offense-Student will be muted. In-School Suspension or any other consequence as directed by Principal or Assistant Principal


Required Textbook and Materials:
1. Notebook (Composition or 3-ringed binder)
2. Pencils (No pens!)
3. Sheet Music (Will provide)